**Editor's note. After publishing this post we have received several comments that the park and museum offer less information and viewing of stones than what is expected. We recommend visiting if you will already be in the area but not making a special trip unless the spheres are of great interest to you. You can see some spheres in San Jose on our walking tours. 

70 years after being discovered in southwest Costa Rica, numerous mysterious stone spheres 'las esferas' now have an official home at the newly inaugurated museum and archaeological site, Finca 6 located in Palmar Sur. 

On Friday, government officials celebrated the opening of the park, which is now accessible to the general public 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Tuesday - Sunday. Price of admission is $6 for tourists and $2 for nationals. 

Over 200 spheres have been discovered since the first were found when United Fruit Company was developing land for banana plantations. 

They have been dated to 400 - 1500 A.D. and are the most significant but yet mysterious pre-columbian objects found in Costa Rica. It is not understood why they were made, or how, based on the tools available at the time.

Each sphere is within 5 degrees of being a perfect sphere. Some, which can be viewed on the site, appear in straight lines possibly indicating their use as navigational pointers or following astrological patterns. Other theories indicate they may have been burial markers or recognition of community leaders. 

Finca 6 also has a new museum to walk visitors through the discovery of the spheres and theories as to their purpose and creation. In addition, creation of the park brings awareness to the indigenous groups of Costa Rica specifically the Boruca group, direct decendents of the Diquis people responsible for creating the spheres.

Earlier this year the spheres were granted the honor of being recognized by UNESCO as heritage pieces. They also are the inspiration for the work of famous Costa Rican sculptor, Jimenez Deredia. He uses the shape of the sphere as his primary motif.  

We recommend adding this destination to your trip if you are heading to the Osa Peninsula, Dominical or Ballena National Park. We cannot confirm exact driving directions but you would take the PanAmerican Highway to the Palmar Sur airport on highway 223. This is within a mile of the site and there you most likely could ask how to reach the entrance to Finca 6. 

Most visitors don't find the time to travel to this more remote part of the country, but you can enjoy some of the experience in San Jose on our Bird's Nest tour. We view some of the spheres in person and pass a few of Deredia's fabulous sculptures which can also be seen on our Artist Bird tour. 
Culture minister with Borruca Indians. photo by Costa Rica Ministry of Culture.
Example of sculpture by Jimenez Deredia displaying the influence of the spheres on his work. photo by Garnier & Garnier architects.
President Chinchilla and ministers in front of one of the larger spheres. Photo from Ministry of Culture.
New museum greets guests to Finca 6. Photo from Ministry of Culture.
It's been quite the journey since we first laid eyes on downtown San José and saw the potential the city had for fun and healthy urban living. 

Four years later there are many things to cheer about including therestoration of over 20 historic buildings, plans for bike lanes, more than 30 new restaurants, organic/vegetarian movement and a positive change in locals' attitude

We have loved sharing every bit of it and are honored you and your guests gave us the reviews that earned us a mention in theLonely Planet Guide Book, numerous travel site mentions, a top spot in the Activities in San Jose and the 2013 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence. This is the second year we have received this honor and we hope to do even better providing services. 

 Keeping it Fresh with New Activities and Services: 
We have added the following to keep providing travel happy opportunities to our guests!

Tours in Spanish (in addition to tours in English)
Improved Technology to Display Info on Historic Sites and Wildlife while on tour
Transportation upon Request 
Special Group Rates 
Combination Tours


      Thank You! 

San José, Costa Rica is no longer just for visiting the airport or passing through on your travels from one coast to the next. 

While we started to see a cultural shift 5 years ago the past two have shown a real change in locals' opinions of the city and their desire to work on its potential as an adorable, culturally vibrant and liveable city. Many new projects are underway and we can't wait to see what the next two years will bring. In the meantime we have created a list of 10 reasons to visit San José now. 

1. Walkable
The entire size of the downtown area is about 2 miles in length. Streets are on a grid, and finally there are street signs to help visitors get around. There are 2 main pedestrian-only routes down Avenida Central and Avenida 4 for sightseeing. There are many historic and tasty treasures hidden on the side streets of these pathes so we recommend any of our city walking tours to get a real look at the history and new developments of the city. 

2. Nighttime Views
San José sits in a valley and if you can get high enough you can see the lights rising up the mountainsides in every direction. Our favorite choice in downtown is the restaurant on the 17th floor of the Holiday Inn at Parque Morazan. The food is ok and a little more expensive than usual so maybe pop up right at 6:00 for sunset and early drinks and appetizers, or dessert at the end of the night. 

3. Affordable Shows
At any moment downtown you can catch concerts and theater shows for a reasonable price. The National Theater offers short performances Tuesdays at noon and Thursdays at 5 for under $8 a person. International acts perform at the National Stadium and Teatro Melico Salazar for usually much less than a ticket in the US or Europe. If you speak Spanish there are dozens of small theaters for live performance and stand-up comedy such as on the Teatro Urbano on the south side of the Plaza de la Democracia. Club Vertigo, El Lobo Estepario, Latino Rock, Steinvorth and Hoxton are also great for live music and DJs. 

4. Microbrew Beers
It has been an uphill battle for small brewers to bring beer to the local market between fighting the monopoly beer company La Cervecería and getting Ticos to try something new. Finally, gastropubs are opening and featuring these brewers. An entreprenuer just hosted the first Oktoberfest and this year saw the second annual beer tasting festival. Our food tour gets you 10% off a beer tasting sampler at one of the new gastropubs. 

5. Century-old Architecture
Downtown neighborhoods continue to clean up and many historic sites have experienced some form of restoration. A stroll through many streets in the immediate center and barrio amon can take you back in time to see the direct european influence and to appreciate the luxuries people had in such a small pueblo. 

6. Green Fashion Design
Downtown boutiques display costa ricans' environmental conscieneness via fashion design with recycled fabrics and materials. Tienda Eñe always provides a look at the newest trends in this field. 

7. La Sabana City Park
Originally the airport, this city park, now swallowed by urban sprawl, provides a green escape from the noisy city streets. One can run on the marked trails, speed skate on the rink, swim at the public pool or visit the free art history museum on the eastern end. On the weekends you can people watch or join others in pic- up soccer games or sponsored aerobic dance classes. 

8. Street Art
Growing as a popular art form, incredible graffiti murals decorate different areas of the city. A new program is even commissioning artists to paint the metal doors of downtown shops, turning ugly security panels into visual stories of San Jose. Works still exist from the Transitarte festival held 2 years ago at the Legistlative Assembly. 

9. Free Festivals
At almost any time of year one can find a free festival happening downtown. Every Sat. except the christmas holiday season you can visit Parque Morazan and Parque Espana for free dance and art classes, and catch concerts. December to April are host to Topes, Festival of Lights, Rock el Farolito, FIA and Transitarte. 

10. Day Trip Hub
San José is centrally located in the country and if you have 5 or less days it might be easiest to base yourself in the city and take day trips out to volcanoes, birding, hiking, rafting and beaches. On a side note, we think the Arenal Volcano and Monteverde are two places to stay overnight. Many agencies sell these as a 1 day trip but it's 4-6 hours each way. For closer destinations see our recommendations

Brunching, a favorite activity amongst many expats and travelers has been difficult to accomplish in downtown San Jose. 

Aside from the occassional breakfast buffets inside hotels, you'd come up with nothing more than the traditional gallo pinto available on morning menus. 

Recently, however, two restaurants are taking the plunge to open on Saturdays for mostly brunch hours. And the good news you can leave full for a reasonable amount of money. 

Jardín del Parque, situated on the northeast corner of Parque Nacional is now open from 12 p.m. - 4 p.m. on Satudrdays.

This is a fantastic vegetarian restaurant with a combination of breakfast and lunch menu options on Saturdays. Fruit parfaits, egg skillets and homemade pancakes with homemade jams will make for a nice first meal of the day. They do not have a liquor license however so you'll have to hold on the mimosas. Prices range from $5 - $10.

Restaurante Kalu, a restaurant and art gallery with a delightful eclectic menu is opening its doors 8 a.m. - 11:30 only for brunch, changing to a regular menu at noon, which kind of misses the point of leisurely brunch hours but at least it's a start for greater Saturday breakfast options. 

Kalu has chosen to provide an extensive and creative menu with only breakfast dishes. One can choose from homemade chocolate bread pancakes to homemade bread topped with egg and toppings of your choice. We had the smoked salmon (another hard to find dish) which was well prepared but would have been wonderful with capers. Again, prices were reasonable between $5 and $10 for most plates.  

The arrival of brunch to downtown San Jose rounds out a variety of options for urban fun. I would recommend the following agenda:

8:30a - 10a Organic Farmer's Market at Feria Verde
11a - 12p Free Yoga in Parque Espana
Brunch before or the farmer's market or after yoga, whatever works well for you! 

Remember, if you like a new effort from a business be sure to support it. I guarantee these brunch options won't last long if clients don't stop by! 

**This Saturday June 29 you can also participate in a bike ride with Chepe Cletas and showing of The Triplets of Belleville at the Historic Cine Magaly. The ride will start from the National Monument in Parque Nacional at 8:30. 

We are very happy to announce an expansion of our services -- city tours in Spanish! Mariel is joining our team as a fluent English and Spanish speaking guide. 

Native to Costa Rica, Mariel not only is able to provide city tours in Spanish, but also chat with our clients about life growing up in Costa Rica and wildlife. Get ready to hear some new stories! 

Mariel graduated from the program of Biology and Sustainable Development at Universidad Latina, Costa Rica. She then pursued the field of Tropical Forest Conservation and management at the Higher Education and Research Center CATIE, where she became interested in the social aspects of natural resource management. 

Her work experiences are broad and include tourism, experiential education, rural conservation programs, research and community-based workshops. She is also passionate about nature,  thai massage, teaching Spanish and reading!

Interested in taking a tour with Mariel? Reserve a San Jose walking tour

Just a few minutes after our photo tour clients met up with our tour guide yesterday and pleasant introductions were finished, a police alarm sounded and the previously docile crowd of about 50 skaters hudled under the temple in Parque Morazan ran towards the east side of the park to greet thousands of skaters hurdling down Paseo de los Damas. 

The flash-mob style event sponsored by Emerica was in action in its route through San Jose, starting in Barrio Aranjuez and ending in Parque de la Paz. The company which specializes in skater apparel brought 5 of the top ten best skate boarders to Costa Rica for a day of WILD IN THE STREETS. Some of the kids are pictured below with the legend Bryan Herman.

Our photographer clients were thrilled with the rare opportunity and consumed with the enthusiasm radiating off the majority teenage skaters. This was the urban equivalent to boating through a costa rican pod of dolphins! Because our tours are never larger than 8 people we were able to seize the moment and rework the tour to accommodate the twenty minutes or so it took for our clients to photograph the event. Can't wait to see their finished photos! 

*This article is my summarized translation of the Wall Street Journal's Latin American Story which you may read here.* 

Starbucks has completed the purchase of 240 hectacres in Costa Rica near Volcán Poas. The company's mission with the farm is research based, testing different growing methods to develop its own coffee and to discover best ways to fight the Roya, a mushroom that has begun plaguing Central American coffee crops. 

The plantation sits between 1,000 and 1,600 meters allowing experimentation with the plant at different altitudes to better understand the contributing factors to successful and flavorful crops. 

Starbucks will also use the farm as a laboratory, mixing varieties of plants to hopefully create its own breed, and takes heed to mention that there will be no GMO. 

The purchase is motivated by growing concern of the Roya mushroom which attacks the coffee bush leaves, prohibiting the plant from receiving nutrients and eventually dying. Scientists are unsure why the plague has only now begun in the region, hypothesizing that it might be related to the drier than normal weather we have had in recent years. Fortunately, the company says it will share its findings with farmers regardless of whether they are suppliers to Starbucks. 

Starbucks made headlines last year in the country with the opening of its first two coffee shops in Costa Rica, one in Avenida Escazu and the other in Lincoln Plaza. In addition its first '$7 cup of coffee' featured a roast from Turrialba. 

The municipality of San Jose will host its tenth Transitarte Festival this weekend. The project aims to bring art into public spaces. All events are free and attendees will find a variety of workshops, concerts and art for sale amongst the downtown parks of Morazan, Jardín del Paz, España and Nacional.

Scheduled highlights include workshops on hydroponics, rock concerts by bands from other central american countries and art for sale by vendors leading current design/fashion trends in Costa Rica. 

In addition there will be 2 nights of movies under the stars Fri. and Sat. inside CENAC. 

A full schedule of Transitarte is available. We also recommend starting Sat. morning at the Feria Verde in Aranjuez and Sun. morning stretching in yoga at 10:00 a.m. at Downtown Yoga. 


A Review of My Ride with Chepe Cletas

From time to time I get to guest write with the English-speaking newspaper The Tico Times. 

Last Sunday I had the pleasure to finally participate in a biking event with the 3-year-established Chepe Cletas, a group working on promoting zero transmissions as a way to create a better San Jose. 

After being temporarily gifted a bike I took off with this group to see how the group has advanced and to see for myself what changes were happening because of Chepe Cletas and what challenges still exist. 

You can read my review of riding a bike in San Jose. Overall, I had a great time socially and look forward to the next event, but I realize we are farther off from a bike-friendly San Jose than I was hoping. 

Our walking tours strive to show tourists and expats the history and new advancements that give this city great potential. Chepe Cletas is also working towards the same goal. We want a healthy San Jose, a city people can be proud of at every turn, but it will take the effort of more than a few hundred people to create this change. Please continue to support downtown businesses and activities -- We get the city we deserve


Costa Rica: The Complete Guide Rocks! 

Have you ever wanted more from your guidebook? 

Less hotel/restaurant info and instead better maps, more detailed directions that can truly take you off the beaten path to unique adventures??? Us too! 

We are really excited about this 4th guidebook released by award-winning James Kaiser, his first on Costa Rica. Kaiser spent the last five years living in and exploring Costa Rica. Fortunately he found us along the way and found our city walking tours worthy enough to mention in his San Jose chapter! 

We saw the book in person this past weekend and it's the best Costa Rican guide we've seen, sincerely. We'll be buying it on Amazon here for only $14, it's a ridiculously good price for the content in the book. We also recommend it for those that have lived here for some time, there are many new adventures waiting for you to discover.

To see more proof of how stellar Jame's research is, check out his recent Huffington Post guest piece, 16 'Secret' Costa Rican Beaches.